Two Cookies 2013


Two Cookies
Two cucolorises, two paintings from the Van Abbemuseum collection, tripods, lights
Exhibited at: De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Curated by: De Appel Curatorial students

The cookie or coo-koo is short for cucoloris, which is sometimes spelled as cuculoris, kookaloris, cooka- loris, or cucalorus. The cookie is a device used for lighting in film, theater, and photography. It is used to cast silhouettes or shadows, creating decorative illumination. This effect creates a more “natural” appearance and can be used to simulate an environment outside of the frame or theater stage. In this installation, two cucolorises are placed in relationship to historical, figurative paintings from the Van Abbemuseum collection. This cinematic intervention is both implicitly narrative, and explicitly visual, thus creating a playful interplay between perception, interpretation, and desire.