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Music for Riots and Fights
2005 – ongoing
Music, musicians, and silent film sheet music
Performed live at: Göteborg Biennal, Sweden (2005), Beirut, Cairo, Egypt (2012) and Survival Kit, Riga, Latvia (2013)
Curated by: Sara Arrhenius (Göteborg), Antonia Alampi and Sarah Rifki (Cairo) / Inga Lāce (Riga)

Shortly after the invention of cinema, it became clear that the new visual medium had massive potential. Although people had familiarized themselves with the invention of photography, the experience of cinema was an entirely new sensation. Understanding that cinema would attract many curious spectators, and hopefully many investors, the pioneers of early cinema realized that the score of the film would have to compensate for the absence of dialogue or other synchronized sound. Highly skilled and talented contemporary composers were invited to collaborate on cinematic projects, and it is this period of silent movie making—from approximately 1901 to 1929—that has provided a pioneering array of soundtrack compositions.