How to Act 1999 – 2017


How to Act
1999 – 2014
Between fifty and one hundred halogen lights, light filters, mdf, wooden beams, MIDI controller, audio sequence program
Exhibited at: De Parel, Amsterdam (1999) – De Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (1999), Marres – Maastricht (2000), Impakt Festival, Utrecht (2000) – Art Basel (2001), Platform Garanti – Istanbul (2002), Capacete – Rio de Janeiro (2005), Bloomberg Space – London (2007), Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (2011), Minsheng Museum – Shanghai (2012), Bonner Kunstverein – Bonn (2014)

Also known as a film in mime, How to Act, is a precise and methodical installation of colored lights, edited onto a selection of sounds, music, and melodies. The departure point for the project is the premise that the light generated by a projected film or TV-program (not the images themselves), combined with a soundtrack and related noises will create a suggestive film experience for the spectator—a mental moving picture, as it were. The work operates through this triggering of narrative—whether fictional or from memory—creating a fleeting flurry of associations, images, and sensations. Both cinematic and ethereal, How to Act uses its triggers to create for the viewer a moment of interior exploration and contemplation.