Food Chain 2005


If only deer would catch birds and bears would catch deer, this would be a perfect food chain
Wood, MDF, glass, mirror, metal, paint, neon, reflective surface material (M3)
Exhibited at: Goteborg Biennial, Sweden
Curated by: Sara Arrhenius

Conceived as a response to a biennial theme of a rather theoretical nature, the installation was inspired by a fundamental desire to depict the world that surrounds us. Reminiscing on the subject of cave paintings, a series of silhouetted animals are arranged through a series of connecting rooms. The installation’s forced perspective functions through the cut-out of each wall, increasing in size, so that the final, red monochrome room colors all of the preceding shapes when seen from the front. This optical play is based on the principle of stage design, as well as on so-called cut-out and pop-up books. Food Chain is a comic storyline, a primal echo, and an excision of spatial cuts.