Cross-Section 2006


Cross Section
Wallpaper, MDF, paint, wood, light, plasterboard, spray-concrete props
Exhibited: Museum de Paviljoens – Almere, The Netherlands
Curated by: Martine Spanjers and Marsha Roesink

This installation uses a common technique to show the inside, in-between, and outside of an object, device or structure, as the actual building model itself. By cutting through all the walls, a crosscut of the installation, as well as its structure and inner construction materials, becomes visible. As such, a direct view of the entire length of the installation is established, offering a panoptic experience, as one can see and be everything from everywhere. The installation featured a selection of rooms and spaces commonly found in the type of public housing that Almere (the fastest growing town in the Netherlands) offers. By adding small decorative clues and cues, constituting a kind of psychology of memories, these rooms and spaces resemble spaces one could imagine or somehow remember seeing and visiting.